Discord.js has reached 1,000 stars! Thursday, 20 April, 2017
A lookback at the development of discord.js, what I've learned from it, and plans for the future.
Discord.js has reached 1,000 stars on GitHub
Discord.js has reached 1,000 stars on GitHub

In August 2015, I started discord.js, a node.js package that allows anyone to easily interact with the Discord API. Since then, it has been downloaded over 140,000 times, is used by at least 110 node.js modules, and powers some of the largest bots, as well as the largest bot, on Discord – today it has received 1,000 stars on GitHub.

Discord.js has been (and continues to be) a massive learning experience for me. When I started it, I knew a little JavaScript and had barely used node.js – this is what some of the early code looks like:

As you can see, that code is the best thing you’ve ever seen not the best. However, over 1½ years, discord.js has become one of the most popular Discord API interfaces and I’ve learned a lot from it:

  • The importance of linting code
  • How to use git
  • Design patterns
  • How to write good documentation and examples (see here)
  • A lot of JavaScript and node.js stuff

A lot of what I’ve learned is down to some amazing people that I’ve collaborated with when developing discord.js, and I can’t thank them enough. Additionally, I want to thank the people who use discord.js – I never would have imagined having such a large, active and amazing community around it. It’s genuinely so awesome to see all the cool bots and projects that use discord.js.

At the time of writing this post, discord.js has 89 contributors to the codebase; the discord.js team thought it’d be cool to put together a visualisation of the repository using gource for everyone to look at:

We’re going to keep working on and improving discord.js, but thank you for using it and helping us reach 1,000 stars!