projects & hackathons


GitHub Website Node.js Api Discord Voip
  • A popular node.js package that I started in August 2015, over a million downloads and more than 2000 stars
  • An API wrapper around the Discord API allowing anyone to easily create their own Discord Bots

Glance App

GitHub Android
  • Led a winning team at a Hackathon in 2018
  • We produced an Android App that gave intelligent location-based reminders, such as reminding you about student discount or bringing up your shopping list when near a shop
  • Used various Google APIs, Java, and Android Studio

Online Safety Awareness

GitHub Website Vue JavaScript
  • Led a winning team at a Hackathon in 2017
  • We produced a responsive web app that allowed users to find details about how to stay safe on a variety of social media, and allowing them to search for specific topics
  • Used Vue.js and Electron

Braille Game

GitHub Vue Android Electron
  • Led a winning team at a Hackathon in 2016
  • Developed a two-player game to try and teach people Braille, using their phones to play against eachother
  • Used WebSockets, Electron, Java, and Android Studio