Amish Shah

A student from the UK

My Work

I'm currently using Node.js in many of my personal projects, but I'm learning Rust and Go to try and make some even cooler things!


discord.js is a popular node.js package that I started in August 2015. It's a wrapper around the Discord API - with over 200 million downloads and over 10,000 stars on GitHub - that allows anyone to easily create their own Discord Bots.


Prism is a Node.js audio transcoding engine that provides a simple-to-use and feature-rich API. It supports FFmpeg and various JavaScript Opus libraries, making it a great tool to use for any audio-related projects. It is currently powering Discord.js and other VoIP applications.


Glance App

In February 2018, I led a winning team of four at a two-day Hackathon where we created an app to allow users to create intelligent location-based notifications, such as showing you your shopping list when you walk into a supermarket, or notifying you about student discount that is available in the shop that you're currently in.

Using Android Studio and various Google APIs, we were able to create an app that achieved this. We created a location-checking service that periodically checks the user's location to see if there are any notifications for them.

Increasing awareness of online safety

In February 2017, I led a winning team of four at a two-day Hackathon where we attempted to increase the awareness of online safety.

We created a responsive web application using Vue.js that ran through general safety tips, but also specific social networks in more detail (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat). It also allowed users to search through our list of tips to find advice specific to certain social networks.

Braille Hackathon

In August 2016, I led a winning team of four at a Hackathon where we developed a competitive two-player game over two days that aims to teach people Braille.

We created an Android application that displayed a virtual Braille input, in which players create letters in Braille in a race to spell out 3 words first. It communicates with the main game application, which runs on a laptop or a computer, using WebSockets.